Cannabis Insurance Advisors recently launched to advise and assist with the insurance needs of the medical marijuana industry.

West Bloomfield, MI, March 8, 2011: When the voters of the State of Michigan voted to approve the legal use of medical marijuana in November 2008, a new local industry was instantly born. With that new industry came much risk and uncertainty. Paragon Underwriters, an independent Michigan insurance agency, who has been involved in the specialty insurance marketplace for over 35 years saw the passing of this new state law as an opportunity to service the individuals and business owners involved in this industry.

Paragon Underwriters launched a specialty insurance division called Cannabis Insurance Advisors to address the insurance needs of the medical marijuana industry. Based in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Cannabis Insurance Advisors assists dispensaries, compassion clubs, collectives, cooperatives, growers, certification centers, bakeries and all other related medical marijuana businesses in obtaining the insurance policies they need. Available coverage’s include property, liability, workers compensation, business auto coverage for delivery vehicles, crop coverage for growers, and many other policies designed specifically for the medical marijuana industry. Cannabis Insurance Advisors offers insurance coverage to businesses located in Michigan, Arizona & Nevada. Cannabis Insurance Advisors can be found online at or reached toll-free at 800-727-0001.

A revolution is occuring right now!  As of today, 16 states in the USA have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana.  Yes, you need to be 'recommended' this alternative medicine by  a licensed  physician, but the fact that it is occuring is astounding.  This can only be compared to the end of alcohol prohibition in the 1930's.  The government and science are begining to realize the true benefits (medicinal, economical, and cultural) that legalizing the use of medicinal marijuana has on society.  

Federally the use of marijuana is still illegal.  Although, President Obama has advised the DEA to focus it's efforts on other areas and to leave medicinal marijuana matters up to the state level.  The states have spoken and one-by-one the bills are being approved and the use of medicinal marijuana is becoming legal on the state level. 

With this new area comes much uncertainty as well as much opportunity.  Most patients, caregivers, dispensaries, and other cannabusinesses feel that they are operating in a grey area and have many questions about how to operate.  If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to secure all your proper documentation, licensing and insurance.  Talk to an expert in this industry to make sure you're being guided down the right path.

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